Carpet repairs & maintenance

Carpets are naturally vulnerable to wear and tear. Over time, damage, discolouration, ripples and split seams can begin to compromise the appearance of your flooring - but it doesn’t always mean you need to replace it all. Our repair and maintenance solutions can help to extend the lifetime of your existing carpet, while being a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to replacing your whole home or commercial premises.

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Our carpet repair services

Our qualified team of technicians use odourless, eco-friendly products and the latest carpet repair technology to provide professional carpet repair solutions that allow you to enjoy your existing carpet for longer - without unsightly or unsafe damage.

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Using a closely matching piece of carpet, we can successfully remove and repair small areas of damage to create a virtually invisible patch. This is ideal for areas affected by damage such as burns, rot, pet damage or significant wear.

Carpet stretches, loses tension and ripples over time, causing visible ridges and potential tripping hazards. Before you consider replacing it, we can re-stretch it instead, giving you more life out of otherwise suitable carpet.

Over time, carpet seams and joins can separate, lift, tear or experience more significant wear. To prevent further damage and avoid tripping hazards, we can reseal carpet and create flawless joins once more.

High-use areas in your office or commercial premises, such as the carpet in hallways, stairways and under office chairs, can experience more noticeable wear. We can repair - or replace - where necessary to help maintain a presentable and safe environment.

Squeaky floors will drive you crazy! We can help. We will lift the existing carpet, screw down loose floorboards and relay the carpet again before you can say "I'm about to lose my mind".

With heavy use, carpet can fray badly. Sometimes, the cleanest way to repair a badly worn carpet to ceramic tile transition is to use a transition bar. These are commonly used to transition carpet to wooden floors after polishing too.

Often we are asked to relay the existing carpet to new wardrobe sliding tracks. This is something we do frequently and consider our team experts at. Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like pricing or want to book a job.

If you have lifted carpet during a renovation or a flood, we can help you reinstall it. Sometimes, clients approach us with a job where they have used or second-hand carpet - we can help with this too.

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