Footsteps and food, pets and kids, dust and dirt - it doesn’t take long before your carpet is showing signs of a busy household or office. But a clean space is a healthy space, and taking care of your carpet with regular professional cleaning can extend the lifetime value of your flooring, keeping it looking fresh and lasting for longer.

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Our carpet cleaning services

Using safe, environmentally-friendly products and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we remove stains and deep-clean your upholstery and carpet for a healthy home or workplace that looks and feels revitalised.

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Using steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods, we’ll remove the odours, dirt, debris and stains that can dull the appearance of your carpet and contribute to an unhealthy home.

Maintain the health and appearance of your commercial carpet for longer, and extend the lifetime of high-traffic areas with our professional carpet cleaning service.

Stubborn stains? Off-the-shelf cleaning products are often not enough to make them budge. Our stain removal experts use professional solutions to remove or reduce the appearance of tough stains.

Daily wear and tear can start to dull upholstered furniture. Bring new life back to your favourite furniture with professional cleaning.

Over time rugs will fade with a build up of dirt, grime and dust. Regular deep steam cleaning will revive your rug and give it new life.

Life happens. When it does, call us to talk through a range of treatment options.

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