We work extensively with property managers and landlords to help keep their properties in tip-top shape. Whether it be rips, burns, stains, fraying or pet damage - we are here to help you keep your property looking clean and tidy, which in turn encourages tenants to take good care of your investment.

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Steam Cleaning

When you need help removing those pesky stains, our team of IICRC qualified technicians can come to the rescue. Give us a call if you require assistance with exit cleans or keeping the carpet in your rental property in excellent shape.

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Sometimes cleaning isn't enough. If not attended to promptly, stains can set and the only available options are to repair or replace. Fortunately, we're often able to get a fantastic end result patching carpet at a fraction of the price of replacing it.

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We can assist with stretching the existing carpet to resolve bumps, ripples or corrugations in the carpet caused from a loss of tension. If these bumps are not addressed promptly, they often peak and then rip open leaving little choice but to completely replace the carpet.

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Transition Bars

Carpet can wear poorly at transitions between rooms or when one floor covering transitions to another - such as ceramic tiles, wooden floor or sheet vinyl. When the carpet in your rental property are looking worse for wear, often a transition bar can help to tidy things up,

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Supply & Installation of New Carpet

When all is lost and cleaning or repairing just won't cut it. We are able to supply and install carpet from all of the major manufacturers. We work extensively with landlords and property managers to find robust, durable and affordable carpets that work well in rental properties, ensuring a long life at a great price.

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